Monday, October 30, 2006

ala Sayshuh...he is the linkmaster

Pleix films

must use quicktime


Okay lemme start with the weekend. It was actually a damn good weekend. I did some work, and some laundries sat and washed the car. Sat night Ms. Salmon and I went to dinner and unfortunately had to skip out on a Halloween party. Just too far. Sunday we got up early and went on the spectacular vernacular LA conservancy tour of mid century modern homes in the valley. Some were alright, some were spectacular. The cool thing was a couple of the architects of this movement were actually there and signed my program! Picked up an Eichler book for joint custody and really saw amazing stuff. We went back to the stead and cranked out some shirts and design that ended up looking pretty good. We then headed to Eaglerock for some bowling for Sarita's bday. Got her a good gift of an ask Jesus (ala magic 8 ball) bowled okay...only okay. then hit jack in the crack for some tacos that made me super sick this morning from everywhere it could come out of, it did. That was the brief version but it really couldn't have been a better weekend.

Today I accepted the position at work pending the money sitch but it caused strife that I had no power to control or prevent. Even if it's not my fault, I feel bad. I don't want to be a hindrance or a distraction. I just want to work and get paid a fair wage. I wish that could be said for others but the powers that be are pathetic at best. I'm tired. My lasting glow lasted minutes and I've been swamped all day. To the point that I'm struggling to catch up. I want out of I.T. I want to sit in bed with the salmon and get her upstream. I'm tired and drained and want my fabulous weekend back. I want a gorgeous midcentury modern with the dogs. I want the shirts to take off. I want the salmon bidness to take off. I want lovely funrniture and some good wine.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


HEY BITCH!!! carve your own pumpkin online, you lazy ass muthafuckka!

Friday, October 27, 2006

trippin me out maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

whitney music box var. 9 - chromatic - 88 bars, rev.

shouldn't all relations be like this? | Sexual Consent

truly tasteless costumes

okay so this is an acquaintance of mine and her friend and their costumes this year. I will say no more. I already did my groaning. Faces are blurred to protect the guilty.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Now thats just outright thievery | Punjabi Thriller

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


So do I take a potentially 8-10k pay bump to become a full time designer with my company? They seem to be pushing for me to take it despite the fact I've turned it down and they're still interviewing people. I suppose I should be flattered. Also despite the fact that the position is in a department that has been in a measured amount of turmoil. I want to find out if I can be given atleast a halfhearted guarantee of job safety. I need about 6 months to get enough pieces for my book to look good enough for work elsewhere. Hell I already have done a few kinda nice layouts. I know what the salary ranges are, and they're still lower than what I make doing the freelance, but thats a different egg. I would tell them they are GETTING a preferred rate at what I was charging them. But it IS still hourly with the prospect of plenty of ot. The money would be good. Close to 60 if not at or above sans overtime. We'll see, I have spoken to my boss and he gives his blessing so I'm going to see if they exceed my ultimate minimum.

Monday, October 23, 2006

I'd wanna lay on the grass

I'm told this was 250 people over 10 days of setup. Pretty smart. Makes me happy for adverts firms


original in San Francisco

Sunday, October 22, 2006

i gotta say...

I had a better weekend than i expected to have, but am taking a day off tomorrow so i can wash everything, the car, the dog, the laundry and the such and catch up on some paid design. I got to take the doof to dogpark today with ms. everything and he had a time. He's pooped now and actually did a fair amount of high speed running and had some unabashed labrador fun. it was a good way to round out the weekend. I just wish his gf could have been there. i ate two turkey burgers this weekend and two carne asada tacos on Friday, so i think i can stomach meat alot better than I have been without craving it at all.

I also got my ipod back with the diagnostic saying only that there was nothing wrong with it. Well I don't concur as there is NOTHING ON IT NOW! The photos are indeed all gone, including some design work that was on there, and all 52 gbs of music. Good thing is I have 49 gbs of it backed up but no way at this time to get it back on the pod. I've been craving certain music, like the nirvana outcesticide, fugazi, some willie armstrong, johnny cash, elliott smith, sound team, woody guthrie, and especially the classical, jazz, and spanish guitar that I'd listen to while sitting in traffic that would keep me from hacking a big 'ol smokers loogie onto some assholes hood. It'll be a long road back my friends but I'm game to get there. i really wanted to trade it in for a video ipod. I guess I'll just have to get one for ms. everything and then reclaim it in the name of selfish buddhists.


Friday, October 20, 2006

i actually really like it

With the superior guidance of the ADExtrordinaire, I bring you a card made by me (sans copy, i took that out. Based on some old de stijl design.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Bad ass, I say. I want one. This brings me to what I think could be a mildly (if that) fun game I like to call, "IF YOU COULD THUNK IT!!!"
in which we try to think of the inventions that we will see in our lifetime and beyond. Science has advanced us so far in such a short time on our evolutionary scale (well not the christian right) that we may actually see flying cars while we're alive. So please it can range to a new super strand of Penicilin to the ionizing bong.vibrator. Please enter your submission and we will see what our Roddenberry brains come up with.
Invisibility Cloak Successfully Tested, Scientists Say


So..........uhhhh, is there any furthur diagnostic communication? Damn them, they just want the applecare to run out so I have to buy a new one. I'll be damned, you hear me? I'll be damned!!! They best not ship it to my house.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'll check this

Apple - Trailers - Pan’s Labyrinth - Trailer

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


even better when the clouds clear

Damn nice clouds and midnight sun

Monday, October 16, 2006

holy shit

it took me ripping on morons to get someone from kathmandu to read this. seriously, nepal take me away. i'd rather be there fighting against communist china than be in this GODFORSAKEN COUNTRY, but i'd have to live in relative comfort and peace with my girl and our dogs in order to go. sorry but those are my only caveats. i don't think they'd mind.

yeah you too!

i hate this man, his cabinet, his policies, his followers, his good ol boys, his oil, his panderings, his crap ass nicknames for his friends, his agenda and the people that voted for him....TWICE!!!! stay the course my ass. WOULD YOU LISTEN TO SOMEONE TELLING YOU HE WANTED TO STEER YOU INTO A SQUALL?'re pissed that he killed online gambling?!?.....fuck lemmings, THAT'S what it took to get you pissed.???!!! I'd sooner trust a roomful of terrorists. He IS the terrorist!!! How dare you all...i hope this sad slow bleeding of the GOP kills your snake throwing religions, worse than fundamental values, party.

worst president in history. Harding you're off the hook.

thank you Delay, thank you Foley, thank you to all you ignorant cocky bastards. PLEASE fix the world, fix the environment, fix the government. Don't fix the revenue gaining gambling! TAX IT!!! Fuck I hate republicans almost worse than I hate the bumbling dems.

stupid friggin games

How the hell was i so good at these when i was a kid. i remember all the music but damned if i could play any of em for more than a few seconds before game over.


Friday, October 13, 2006

sweet jezuz, every one of 'em

Bud Light Real Men of Genius Commercials ... Listen Now! - from Jim and Lynnette's Fun Times Guide

there is a need to revisit this


Thursday, October 12, 2006

does anyone have a beach house or a cabin i can stay in with a coupla dogs

seriously, i need a getaway for two and two dogs. anybody got a place that is free, beautiful, architecturally significant, and doesn't mind a few stray dog hairs after i clean up? We're really clean, even the dogs.

not that i want you guys competing for my galapagos trip


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

with a swollen face i update you

alot has been happening in overlyverbose land. Just not alot I care to share personally with the few people that read. chicken skin and i have been housesitting for a couple days and it's been nice. trying for both of us but nice. It's good to be able to snuggle up to the one you love and keep the chicken bumps away. Last night was our last on watch there and i had some organic milk and within about 20 minutes of our senior citizen bedtime I woke up sick as anything. I spent a good half hour in the bathroom and realized everything on my face was swelling up. I'm not one to travel anywhere without my benadryl so i started popping them like crazy cause i was having a hard time breathing, my nose was swollen and leaking profusely, my ears, lips, and mouth were swelling shut. I got up, deciding not to wake my [princess] cause she couldn't feel the pea for the first time in a long time and she needed good rest. I sat up, went to the bathroom a couple more times, sat next to the dog, had a smoke (cause if i was gonna get stuck at the hospital with a tube down my throat i was gonna have a last smoke). I felt like my lips were starting to go down but the lymph nodes were still pretty swollen so i popped one more pill and mustered a little bit of sleep. I'm still a bit swollen and have a pretty good idea what it was in the milk that did it (i won't share that with you in fear of one of you trying to kill me - no i'm not lactose intolerant).

I miss my dog immensely and want more than anything to go play with him. what i want more tho is to be able to hang with chicken skin. I do love her and need her regularly. Mom's bday is this weekend and the whole family will be there. I need to have a chat with my eldest nephew as to the respect he needs to give his mom and then celebrate my mom's bday. Sunday I'm hoping is relaxing.

oh man

LED Throwie Rat (or Mouse)

Monday, October 09, 2006

so whatcha, whatcha, whatcha want.....whatcha want?

Lesse, Friday I went to bed early. I was tired. Alot of freelance work last week. I got stuff out and ready for a yardsale. Crazy how many things I found that I just flat out don't use anymore. I mean my VCR... I haven't used that thing in atleast 2 years and never have occasion to. I got up at 530 saturday to tape up signs around the neighborhood. By the time Hye and I got back at 630, there were people already outside. Christ! I got rid of all my cd's and old movies and crap and I'm telling you people hit that crap up right quick on Saturdays. I held off on putting more stuff out cause i wanted to break it out bit by bit so I didn't have the same assholes (and there were some) coming and talking me down. But my word of advice, it tapers off at noon big time.

TPE and I went and saw the departed saturday night and it was pretty good but, BUT, despite the dialogue it created (cause i love me a movie that creates postviewing dialogue) there were a ton of unanswered questions. Plus, PLUS, PLUS I found out it was a remake!!! WTF?! Marty's really getting into the remakes (cape fear). He used the same stinking Rolling Stones song in the intro that he used in GoodCasinos. I have to say Marky Mark, Matt Damon and Leo did put on some good performances. Jack...........ehhh, he's Jack and like TPE said, he's a caricature of himself now. Go see the trailer for the original here

Sunday I got up and recommenced the yard sale. Let me tell you...for the mighty power of the brown man showing up in force on saturday, it became very apparent that the brown man/woman is definitely in church on sunday. it was a dull day. i made a couple sales and sat around burning flip flop marks into the tops of my feet. After that, some freelance work (which wasn't correct as of this morning and deemed unnecessary). I think i fell asleep before 830.

In different news I have moved to the 4th belt loop away from my original one. I have not used this one in quite a long time.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Now I just have to get a reliable ipod

Hack Attack: Play games on your iPod for FREE - Lifehacker

aaaaaaaaaaaand in breaking news

the moon was gigantic this morning and full, i'm tired and trying to organize a garage sale, and miraculously, my ipod started working this morning. I'm still sending it in for repair but i'm taking it by the idiot bar first.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

In case you wanted to know - ala canela


Sassafras (Sassafras albidum), sometimes called white sassafras, is a medium-sized, moderately fast growing, aromatic tree with three distinctive leaf shapes: entire, mittenshaped, and threelobed. Little more than a shrub in the north, sassafras grows largest in the Great Smoky Mountains on moist welldrained sandy loams in open woodlands. It frequently pioneers old fields where it is important to wildlife as a browse plant, often in thickets formed by underground runners from parent trees. The soft, brittle, lightweight wood is of limited commercial value, but oil of sassafras is extracted from root bark for the perfume industry.

Monday, October 02, 2006

oh yeah

I found my true super power. i actually already possess this power.

I exercised it freely in the bay area.

I am able to go to the restroom open the door go to the urinal (never touching anything), pull back in, wash my hands (or not), and get the door open without ever touching anything. it's flawless and I've mastered it. I have no fear of germs on it even though i have great fears of germs but not when i do that. if only i could do it without my feet ever touching the ground.


if anyone knows me you know that I LOVE my ipod. Life is not the same without it. We got back from San Fran last night and i didn't listen to mine at all as there were two other ipods on rotation but i went to power it up this morning and i'm greeted with empty playlists and photos. then i reboot it and then get a picture of an ipod with an unhappy face. I'm not all that bummed cause i have 95% of the pod backed up but the only thing was the pictures. the pictures that were on the computer that was stolen. costa rica pictures, the last hold out and many many others that will never be seen again.

now i have to go through all the hoops to get another one and then sell it on ebay so i can get a video? i can't be long without my pod.