Monday, October 09, 2006

so whatcha, whatcha, whatcha want.....whatcha want?

Lesse, Friday I went to bed early. I was tired. Alot of freelance work last week. I got stuff out and ready for a yardsale. Crazy how many things I found that I just flat out don't use anymore. I mean my VCR... I haven't used that thing in atleast 2 years and never have occasion to. I got up at 530 saturday to tape up signs around the neighborhood. By the time Hye and I got back at 630, there were people already outside. Christ! I got rid of all my cd's and old movies and crap and I'm telling you people hit that crap up right quick on Saturdays. I held off on putting more stuff out cause i wanted to break it out bit by bit so I didn't have the same assholes (and there were some) coming and talking me down. But my word of advice, it tapers off at noon big time.

TPE and I went and saw the departed saturday night and it was pretty good but, BUT, despite the dialogue it created (cause i love me a movie that creates postviewing dialogue) there were a ton of unanswered questions. Plus, PLUS, PLUS I found out it was a remake!!! WTF?! Marty's really getting into the remakes (cape fear). He used the same stinking Rolling Stones song in the intro that he used in GoodCasinos. I have to say Marky Mark, Matt Damon and Leo did put on some good performances. Jack...........ehhh, he's Jack and like TPE said, he's a caricature of himself now. Go see the trailer for the original here

Sunday I got up and recommenced the yard sale. Let me tell you...for the mighty power of the brown man showing up in force on saturday, it became very apparent that the brown man/woman is definitely in church on sunday. it was a dull day. i made a couple sales and sat around burning flip flop marks into the tops of my feet. After that, some freelance work (which wasn't correct as of this morning and deemed unnecessary). I think i fell asleep before 830.

In different news I have moved to the 4th belt loop away from my original one. I have not used this one in quite a long time.


At 12:17 PM, Blogger cinnamon said...

skinny bitch

At 5:43 PM, Blogger jedaz said...

you lucky s.o.b. on the belt loop issue

At 9:33 AM, Blogger Centaur said...

I have the origional movie from HK, wanna see it?

and congrats on the belt loop thing, what is that? hahahahahahaha^^


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