Monday, October 02, 2006

oh yeah

I found my true super power. i actually already possess this power.

I exercised it freely in the bay area.

I am able to go to the restroom open the door go to the urinal (never touching anything), pull back in, wash my hands (or not), and get the door open without ever touching anything. it's flawless and I've mastered it. I have no fear of germs on it even though i have great fears of germs but not when i do that. if only i could do it without my feet ever touching the ground.


At 10:01 AM, Anonymous sayshuh said...

maybe, hmmm...use a jet back that will allow you to hover over the bathroom floor, thus improving upon your god given power. y'know, i think even Harry Blackstone would've wanted that power, shit, he could pull multi-colored-mile-long hankercheifs outta his hat, but not touching anything in the bathroom?! you sir are an illusionist, bacteria escapes nobody. do you wash under hot water for 15+ seconds? y'know, sometimes when the wong hangs into the urinal area, you get that warm air gust - that's not good, you can't escape that either even with distance pissing - cause your sprinkle loses strength soon, like my rant...


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