Monday, October 16, 2006

yeah you too!

i hate this man, his cabinet, his policies, his followers, his good ol boys, his oil, his panderings, his crap ass nicknames for his friends, his agenda and the people that voted for him....TWICE!!!! stay the course my ass. WOULD YOU LISTEN TO SOMEONE TELLING YOU HE WANTED TO STEER YOU INTO A SQUALL?'re pissed that he killed online gambling?!?.....fuck lemmings, THAT'S what it took to get you pissed.???!!! I'd sooner trust a roomful of terrorists. He IS the terrorist!!! How dare you all...i hope this sad slow bleeding of the GOP kills your snake throwing religions, worse than fundamental values, party.

worst president in history. Harding you're off the hook.

thank you Delay, thank you Foley, thank you to all you ignorant cocky bastards. PLEASE fix the world, fix the environment, fix the government. Don't fix the revenue gaining gambling! TAX IT!!! Fuck I hate republicans almost worse than I hate the bumbling dems.


At 9:02 PM, Blogger Teo said...

oh did i mention him getting us into ww4? "operation iraqi freedom" makes vietnam look justified. And you can't even blame this one on the french!!!


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