Sunday, October 22, 2006

i gotta say...

I had a better weekend than i expected to have, but am taking a day off tomorrow so i can wash everything, the car, the dog, the laundry and the such and catch up on some paid design. I got to take the doof to dogpark today with ms. everything and he had a time. He's pooped now and actually did a fair amount of high speed running and had some unabashed labrador fun. it was a good way to round out the weekend. I just wish his gf could have been there. i ate two turkey burgers this weekend and two carne asada tacos on Friday, so i think i can stomach meat alot better than I have been without craving it at all.

I also got my ipod back with the diagnostic saying only that there was nothing wrong with it. Well I don't concur as there is NOTHING ON IT NOW! The photos are indeed all gone, including some design work that was on there, and all 52 gbs of music. Good thing is I have 49 gbs of it backed up but no way at this time to get it back on the pod. I've been craving certain music, like the nirvana outcesticide, fugazi, some willie armstrong, johnny cash, elliott smith, sound team, woody guthrie, and especially the classical, jazz, and spanish guitar that I'd listen to while sitting in traffic that would keep me from hacking a big 'ol smokers loogie onto some assholes hood. It'll be a long road back my friends but I'm game to get there. i really wanted to trade it in for a video ipod. I guess I'll just have to get one for ms. everything and then reclaim it in the name of selfish buddhists.



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