Monday, July 30, 2007

biking, bruises, blood, brides and good folks

starting last thursday was a trip to mammoth mountain mainly to watch scorley wed the barber and i gotta say for such an extensive trip for people, it was damn close to being a perfect wedding weekend.

thursday got in and met up with the bride to be at the irish pub with some of her family and friends. lots of drinking later we went home to rest up for Fridays trek up the mountain. we went up and down pretty well the first time. i only endo'd twice initially and i gotta say pumice is my friend as it makes a nice pillow to fall on.

the second trip up, we met with KAN and headed down what i'd call a more difficult run. the next time, rear suspension, and disk brakes will be a must. A MUST! cause about 7/8's of the way down i met a bright then shady spot that had a root with a vendetta against me and down i went face and arms first to meet that tree with my head. we didn't mix words, i just wanted down off the mountain. i was dazed and didn't make any more runs. the 4 mile ride down from the lodge which was so fun at 40 mph wasn't as fun the second time while hurting. a shower and herbal remedies mixed with booze made for a good recovery. we went to a park with the wedding peeps in full tow and had A beer, and A slice of tiny sandwich that used to be 8 ft or something. We all headed back to our place for alot of wine, booze, and gourmet grilled cheese and more herbal remedies.

couple minutes after

bruise day 2

bruise day 4

Saturday was scouting the wedding spot as some of our crew went rowing and the doof went swimming. We got unofficially married too. who says incestual/homosexual beastiality is a crime?

Then the wedding after a few cocktails to numb the pain and the reception in the off season lodge that was eerily like the shining. my body shut down and couldn't do the afterparty at our place. i crashed out early and woke late.

sunday was packing and meeting up with the wedding party for a quick continental breakfast and then onto the road. it was good times, very good times, physically yet pleasantly painful and my everloving respect, congratulations and happiness for the sc'barbers.


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