Wednesday, February 14, 2007

this is why i love the 405

now cause of this selfish fuck there's going to be alot of missed vd-day dinner reservations. check at the line break

405 South Before W Sunset Blvd Possible Fatality 4:55 PM

Thomas Guide Map Coordinates: Page 631, Grid 1H
Roll Fire Department 4:55 PM
Message/Item Delivered LA Fire Department #93 4:56 PM
7 Vehicles on Right Shoulder 4:59 PM
Message/Item Delivered 79-S7--Also Advise LAPD to Check on Wilshire 5:00 PM
Roll 2 Fltbeds--1 Rotation Tow 5:03 PM
Message/Item Delivered Q 5:08 PM
Message/Item Delivered 3 a Opr# H662 Order Number #15009 ETA 25 Mins /fltbd Request 5:10 PM
Message/Item Delivered All City Tow ETA 20-30 Mins with Fltbd 5:11 PM
Message/Item Delivered LAPD Wla Bcc Copies All Info 5:13 PM
No U Need a Rotation Tow at All ?, Message/Item Delivered to All City Tow to Disregard Fltbd Truck 5:17 PM
Suspect is Down on Sepulveda Just North of Getty Ctr Under 405--Fire Department is On Scene Admin Cpr to the Suspect, He is not Moving---Fbi Agent is On Scene With Suspect 5:22 PM
CHP Unit on Scene 5:25 PM
CHP Unit on Scene 5:26 PM
CHP Unit Enroute 5:26 PM

Suspect is Possible Fatality on Sepulveda Under 405--Message/Item Delivered 79-S7 5:27 PM
This is a Jumper--Intentionally Committed Suicide--Roll LAPD 5:30 PM

Message/Item Delivered LAPD 852 5:31 PM
All North 5:42 PM
Recall 3 a for Another ETA (line 21 Has 3 a Order #) 5:54 PM
Telephone 3 a, Updated ETA Per Y073, Unable To Locate, Will Issue 2nd Call, New 3 a Svo 16191, Foxx S Village ETA 25 (req Exped) 5:58 PM
Transportation Management Center----405 is not Closed for this Incident at All---Only North Sepulveda No Getty is Closed--Please Correct Your Msgs 5:58 PM
LAPD is On Scene on Sepulveda With the Possible Fatality 6:00 PM
Advise LAPD Will Need Traffic Control Unit With Possible Fatality Scene on Sepulveda 6:08 PM
Per 79-64-Just Call the Closest 3 a Tow That is Rotation for Flatbed Tow Truck 6:08 PM
Foxx Village Did not Know Flatbed Tow Truck Was Needed--New ETA 35 6:08 PM
Message/Item Delivered LAPD #678-They Have the Call But No Units Assigned at this Time 6:12 PM
Message/Item Delivered LAPD #506--Inc#4324 6:17 PM
CHP Unit on Scene


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