Wednesday, July 23, 2008

so lemme get this straight

It's now 5am Chicago time, 3 am California time and i haven't gone to bed. I haven't been out partying. Actually, we just went to dinner then came back and answered a million emails and strategized. We have to be at a trade show in a few hours. Room service is coming soon as well. I was sleepy at 11pm california time but then couldn't get to sleep. I'm hoping I can go through the motions and get enough information to hold me over. The one bad thing is I can see a gigantic Oakwood building from the hotel room. That could be a bad omen. Dunno. Why the hell am I not sleepy?

Good thing is we're just powering through the show to get contacts and find out if this program is good for us. Then, a nice dinner, and sleep. Thursday, we get to wander a bit and see the town, so i want to be well rested for that.

Funny thing i wore one of our more potentially offensive shirts tonight and was downstairs watching drunk people file out of the house of blues and a really trampy girl asked me for a lighter. i gave her one and she got on her phone. I let her know she was welcome and she came back and said i was snotty as she said thank you. For the record she did not, but she tried to ask me where something was and when i let her know i wasnt from here, she asked where there was. I said LA. She was from Marina del Rey. I knew what kinda work she was here for, especially being in a hotel near the trade show. Her trade was obvious as I later saw her really fawning over a man atleast 40 years her senior.Thereis no way he could like her makeup,more her surgically enhanced money makers. either way the point is, locals dont like offensive shirts. they cause dirty looks or looks of distaste. But i'm a big guy that not many people want to confront right away. The only people that approached me were asking for directions neat the hotel and obviously didn't have the midwest sensibility.

either way. i may be leaning away from the museum of contemporary art cause it's a jeff koons exhibit and i can't stand the dude. there might be a white sox game where i can berate perzynski (spelled wrong out of distaste and ignorance) but i don't know how i'd make it to that if i'm staying up all night cause the other two actually went to sleep and they're both snoring, woooooooooooooooo (lower case).

so once again....why am i awake? i miss my bed, my kids, and my girl...not even 24 hours away.


At 5:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHAT!!???! u suck! you were in Chi and didn't let me know? I will totally chalk that one up to "too busy to even pretend to hang out."....otherwise i shall frown for many days good sir. :(
though i would have made the drive and you know it!


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