Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Good Times

So almost half a month has passed since I rounded the corner and left my adolescence behind. Or so i think. It has been a pretty good month so far. I have eaten wonderful food. Hung with wonderful friends (whether I remember it or not) and went wonderful places with the fish. Palm Springs was bad ass but hot as ass without the smell. I'll post pics (i have to post alot). we also ate at Gordon Ramsay's new restaurant in WeHo. Excellent is an simple word. Stupendous might be more accurate.

Dusty also bit the dust a bit too. Atleast he died on me this week and would not restart. We'll see how much he is to fix up so I can sell him and look for a new mode of transportation. This weekend we head to Vegas (in the end of June- crazy? no, probably just dumb). It's for a good occasion, but we found out it was going to be way more expensive than we anticipated. A few of us are trying to think of ways to compromise and still have a good time without ruining everyone, especially the bachelors good time, but it went from affordable to players club and if you know me, I ain't no player and I ain't in that club. Plus I ain't got the duckets for it. Enough of the bad grammar, I'm trying to be positive and build character. As some of you know, I'm good at knocking my own character, but depend on my good heart to balance it out.

Hey I've got these lovely stamps to look forward to. And you better believe, we're getting some! love you chaz and ray!


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Dude, I sent ma a note with HER CHAIR on it. Funny you linked these here. I could have known.


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