Tuesday, June 03, 2008

phuket me

facebook has proven to be a thing of annoyance. it's basically classmates.com with a few extras. i'm sick of it. you put your high school in, unknowingly opening pandoras box of shit (which is customarily thought of as something you don't want to think of), and you get one million of the fucknuts that you did not want to associate with back then. Its aight if you want to keep in touch with people, which i have, and been happy to, but fuck it with the "someone poked you" or someone has "passed you a shot" or someone "bought/sold" you. I appreciate those things but the majority of the apps that they put on are just vapid, like the attached photo. the coolest person? c'mon, you're trying to win a contest that you didn't win in high school. your new "short hair," "i'm a 45 year old mom" when you're 31 and barren, haircut isn't going to help you. your tits are still at your ankles and you appear to be accumulating high school friends for the fuck of it, to show that you KNEW that many people is not going to cut it either. i'm deleting you, you don't communicate other than to send lame ass updates that you've added a new application.

i'm removing the tumor before it is potentially 20 lame ass apps and going back to myspace where i can be hit up by gay dudes and asians that speak crappy eng-rish.



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