Tuesday, June 03, 2008


nothing better than a day when one sits in front of the computer and forces themselves to write. i could stop, but what would that prove? that i don't even want to write about my banal musings for the 3 people that are still reading the OV?

a couple things to update on.

it's our birthdays comin up. actually i have more than a few in the next two weeks. the salmon, first and foremost, the maylard mom, whom i love like my own and treats me like her own, my dear sweet sister, and then my own. if i forgot you, well, then i forgot you and you must remind me cause if you really know me, then you know i don't remember bdays.

i have kinda sorta quit smoking, i'm a social smoker now, only occasional but this coming from someone that was smoking a pack and a half a day down to about 1 maybe two a day, maybe.

i am looking into a new car cause dusty has served me well and he needs to go to some high school kid or some mexican grandmother. i'm trying to decide between an Element and a Subaru likely a Forrester. I like the subarus, cause they're AWD, and can fit dog bed stuff, silkscreen stuff and dogs. Plus they'll get me camping (if and when i camp), it'll get me to mammoth in summer and winter, and they're just nice cars. The elements don't have rear windows that will accomodate the kids. not to mention chuck the dealer reminded me in many ways of John Wayne Gacy. Seriously, he gave me "fairytales" that he had written and attached his honda bizcard to with, specifically, the word meth in it no less than 5 times. he was like 60 and hard hair along the outside ridge of his nose, go fig. I will go back to the subaru dealer (which was closed) and see if they creep me out less. I'm just looking at this point and handing out a defunct phone number in the meantime.

i'm selling bags, lots of them, it's eased up since my stress of doing it almost by myself for the winter, but it's sales, and my income is directly proportional to the amount i work, so, i work alot, not as much as a coupla months ago, but it still allows me only time to garden and putter around fixing things on the weekend. which i love. the dining room chairs are finally fixed properly after 9+ months! WOOOOOO!!!

My landlord has proven every jewish stereotype in the book these days. They initially promised to reimburse me for work or improvements on the house which they now have no recollection of, and also said to each of our faces that they would not raise our rent if we turned out to be good tenants. well we are ideal and they are as well, but not by much and I don't know if i want to fight it or just pay it, happy that i'm only taking a $25 increase. BUT they want to rip out our kitchen cabinets (sic- all of them) including the stove, dishwasher, oven and such to put in second hand or used cabinets. We could gain updated cabinets and more counterspace even though we liked our old school 60's cabinets. But they said it would take a week, and WITH my help maybe faster. I balked at that cause i ain't helpin for shit cause that ain't my job and they ain't crediting me other than a couple meals out which has not been clarified either. but seriously, noone has typified a stingy jew more than my landlord lately. I'm not racist but i've found one super stingy jew can ruin it for all normally lovely jews. sorry stingy jews if i know you and you're stingy...you are (i can't think of any overtly stingy jews that i personally know right now so i could name them here). we did get our metal security screen door which we've wanted for a while, but i have yet to be paid back for yet. I digress.

i have a coupla weeks until my grass is greener, literally, it was just seeded and manured so it stinks, i have to water it alot and pay the water bill, but i like mowin g the lawn so it'll have to do.

what else? i think i have a wart on my finger and i've burned it with some icy thing i got at target and i have a huge cold blister on my finger. so to go out on a high note, don't shake my left hand and i don't want to finger band you into genital warts.

piece, gloves and scrappynous.


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