Monday, March 05, 2007

it was a pretty good weekend

shopped like crazy on saturday then met up with friends for one of their bdays for karaoke. The weather was friggin gorgeous so i planted tomatoes, basil, lavender, and rosemary. i know it's early but the mock plum trees are blooming in my neighborhood so i figure global warming has set in so it should be okay. also got us a red ryder bb gun so we were shooting that til the wee hours last night. it's just magical the power of the red ryder bb gun.

ms. salmonella and i went to the japanese garden yesterday which was lovely. But i have to say that last friday i had an english muffin with warm peanut butter but added my twist that i have loved since i was in grade school. i threw a dill pickle slice on it and she said screw it and tasted it. and to my surprise, SHE LIKED IT!!! nobody in the history of tim has given anything but a pained response when i tell them thats my favorite sandwich from my childhood. But she didn't and thats why i love her. well one reason anyway. aight thats about it. peace out. go here on the 24th if you're like me or oyie and like silkscreening. i really am happy they opened closer to my place. the dude there was typical mclogan and cursed like crazy and allowed his boxer to run freely through the warehouse and was pure punk rock.


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