Thursday, January 17, 2008

if theres a dead fish in my butt, does that mean my dog is eating my ass?

I hope not. But my pooch's breath smells like dead fish. He's a soft jaw and doesn't do the things regular labs do to clean their teeth like chew up plastic and rubber. His breath really really smells bad. He's cute as anything but i really have no explanation as to why it's that bad. he gets yearly cleaning and that means when he gets to be an old man he won't be able to get his teeth cleaned as much cause their tickers get weaker. does that mean he'll smell like he died long before he gets to be old? i warranted a post cause it was that bad.

on other news it looks like the net is back on at the cock finally after almost a week without. but today i'm beat, really really beat. I haven't worked this hard in a long time. the morning started out emptying a container truck of a lot of boxes...of bags. ironic. we hired up about 6 messicans and they kicked that shit out quick, super quick. i admire the brown man. it's his time to get stomped on in this country. the protestants initially, then the indians, then the irish, onto the chinese, the japanese (we jailed em and them bombed their families so they get two), the blacks, and now the brown man. i'm always pullin for the non-whitey. we were all there at some point, but i feel better working beside them than on top of them. I kept the jefe's number so we can call him back when it comes time to do it again. we're right next to a home depot and there are double the number of guys out there all day as there just isn't much work when mortgages are like this. longer rant than i wanted. i'm going home to collapse instead of going out drinking to celebrate.

wow this post went everywhere, yet nowhere, shows you my scatterbrain today


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