Tuesday, January 08, 2008

well this'll piss a few people off

well maybe not, since theres only a few of you reading regularly.

you might have gleaned that i'm a liberal. card carrying, tree hugging, bleading heart liberal. I don't particularly mind taxes if that means keeping a vet (no matter the war) off the street. or keeping condoms in high schools (kids are having sex no matter how hard they hug the bible), and replacement needles to junkies cause they're gonna do it (regardless if theres nobody to love them enough to get them off the junk). I support legalizing marijuana, cause it's just stupid that it's not legal. I think healthcare is in the hands of the drug makers and thats just wrong, it needs to be fixed. The status quo for the last 7 years has been apocryphal. really. it has and if you don't think so, then you have your head in the sand.

i've always said that i'd vote for a cardboard box over any republican candidate, unless it was colin powell before he was in the cabinet. well now it's more than cardboard. romney is a given for my middle finger. mccain is still the manchurian candidate in my book. ron paul would actually get my vote if he had an inkling of a chance. this brings me back to my registered party. i have been pretty firm in saying hilary was my choice as any vote for hilary wass a vote for bill and that would get a balanced budget if it's at all possible now. obama still has no chance in my book cause there are enough evangelicals out there that will say "the day a nigger is president...yaddayaddayadda," they already disavowed him and me. Hilary has been freaking me out. I understand that a president has to be as unfeeling as possible and she is. her feigned emotion made me feel angry. it IS scripted, and i don't believe it. I look at it like this. She's a strong, strong woman, which i appreciate, if anyone knows me, my mom is similar. i've seen her at her weak moments, sometimes unlike my siblings. I've also seen her when she's politicizing, which she does in her line of work. she must do... in her line of work. she's ruthless and vicious when she needs to be. I understand that there is a time and place for it. and the presidential office is perfect for it which made me think she's the best candidate. but the scripting is freaking me out.

i've since been listening the salmon day in and day out and i have to say, reading and listening to the news (NOT FOX). that edwards sounds like the guy for me. i hope he can last as i've seen him as admirable but never having a snowballs chance. I can soapbox up and down but NONE of the dems (with a chance) can stand on a platform of experience. the top three have less than 2 terms. and considering we're looking at a record number of republicans flipping to another party, it's a little frightening that we could be turning the power of the oval office over to a veritable noob. who have any congressional or senatorial experience of the front runners for either party, mccain? not a chance. seriously, i see him personally sitting on a bomb over iran with a cowboy hat riding it all the way down. it really is up in the air and the possibility if someone fucking this up worse than the bush administration is frightening. i know thinking of hilary is a thought of someone that can play the game and go ahead with the order to kill potentially thousands wouldn't make her blink. That is frightening beyond a doubt but thats the world we live in. am i a true jackass to think that? i just wish woodrow wilson was president again and we were in an isolationist society. sigh. here comes the Depression again, seriously...own a home with a subprime mortgage?

damn world powers.

this is why the presidency is the last job on the planet i would want. i could bar brawl anyone, but i couldn't kill innocents, or even order it. hitler or osama, maybe, but anyone else? i don't want the intelligence, ignorance is bliss, this is why i'm an artist...well artistic.

fuck you, i didn't say autistic. but thats an acceptable ignorance.


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