Friday, January 04, 2008

it's more like alhambra than pasadena

today concluded my first week working at kans. it's pretty cool. plenty of toys to play with, and not alot of heat in the warehouse but i've been keeping out of there when we're not shooting things with the red ryder, ryans pellet, and jasons crossbow.

i have to do alot of little knickknack fix it things and then next week i start on office addons. that should be fun and tiring. the one thing is the bathroom. i don't even think britney would walk in that thing barefoot and i haven't been feeling 100% so going in there i'm glad i've had my shots. shit is a bit scurry and i'll include pics next week. oh yes i will subject you to that. eventually i'm hoping i'll be a little bit more financially secure soon and can visit people and afford a proper night out for the fish and myself and even go and see some family. sigh...

oh yeah the xmas decorations come down this weekend (houselights permitting the rain lets up) and chainsawing the tree and then fixing the pooches hole in the wall. hopefully my landlord doesn't read this! either way, it'll be indistinguishable when i'm done.


At 11:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your doggy is cute as ever. Good luck with the new job. I actually came to post a t-shirt graphic designer job I saw on craigslist hehe.
Happy New Year!


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