Friday, December 21, 2007


wow, i really haven't written in a while. or cared to frankly. lessee in current events, i turned down a job that really wouldn't've done much for me making 2 lighting catalogs a month. not much design. i've been over at Kans helping him out with his new warehouse. I told him I'd work with him on his company doing mainly production and sales. could be really good. its casual so it could work. pay will be low for a while but we can do it our way. suck thing is i stepped on a nail to almost 2 inches last night and fuck me it's sore. healing nicely with no sign of infection or real swelling. just sore. i gotta finish getting the garage set up for screening and i can go about making everyones prezzies cause thats what they're getting. roll out some new designs and hopefully they go over well. I'll see if i can find anything funny to post on but lately my life hasn't been too exciting. i'm hoping it rounds a more entertaining corner so i can atleast entertain one of you

aight i'm out to clean up some screens and off to targete...yes with the e.


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