Thursday, November 08, 2007

too bad theres a writers strike

jay leno must be reading todays times and chomping at the bit.

wouldnt the news coming from reagan library be standard for a guy that had alzheimers and a penchant for "forgetting things" like arms to the contras, be a typical day at his museum where things are just disappearing?

and from the campaign trail...are republican backers like pat robertson following reagans lead by forgetting their moral high ground by backing an often divorced, cross dressing backer of abortions?

and lastly, for now the times reporting that Rerun season may hit sooner. quoting, "in a move that could accelerate the disappearance of some of the nation's most popular prime-time shows, including "Desperate Housewives," "Lost" and "The Office."
well thats just silly. shows, namely lost aren't going to disappear in any more regularity than it already has. that shit is on hiatus more than a soprano. you can't miss something thats never freaking on! as for the rest of programming. i won't miss heroes but i will the daily show, and frontline but i can enjoy reruns of that. alot of people will find that like the riaa and music labels, we're fine with our netflix and youtube for the time being. sucks to be in the biz yes, but am i gonna honk my horn passing the picket line? prolly not...


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