Thursday, November 08, 2007

welcome to the semi-sometimes-but-often-not-sensational, cock botanical tour!

i practiced giving the tour in my not-so-famous Huell Howser voice yesterday. I think thats the only thing the salmon found interesting. but since, i'm writer and editor in chief, well, you have no say.

I don't know the names of most or any of these plants. I do know that I inherited them and they were in a right state when i got them. But i have since thumbed them greenly and my love of plants calls them to start to live.

This is a succulent of some name, but it's got about 60-70 of these ready to bloom

a cactus meddly of clippings i took from the mothers day garden. The big bulb is a corpse flower, named because when that bad boy busts open is smells like a rotting carcass and flies love it. why would i have it? cause thats nature and that's cool. plus the flower is actually quite pretty. and i usually do smell them everytime. cause thats nature and thats cool.

A vine i inherited that wasn't doing well. it's more a bush now but it's purdy, we'll see another down the informationsuperpathway.

not sure, but it's thriving after being pretty hacked. it'll have a pretty nice lotus-ish looking flower, i believe.

Think it's a potato. not too exciting. it's delicate though

ol purple bloom is pretty cool. doing well. wasn't expecting flowering but one day it did. seems to bloom one flower at a time, but they're cool.

ehh, it'll have pink or white flowers

A middle-ish hemisphere plant. it'll get a velvety flower on it. likes moisture and warmth, and short walks on beaches....whore

a palm. unchecked and in about 15 years it could be a tree. more importantly is the new guy sprout at his base, we'll see what he grows into, or transplant him.

Baby LIMES!!!

busy busy bees on the lemon thats taken off. thank you bees, sincerely, you do good work

we're back on the orange guy. this is an actual vine the gardeners put in, and it's tiptop gets good sun

this is one of our indoor lazy vines

indoor venus flytrap...vicious i tell ya

this bastard was grubbin on my hibiscus. but since he didn't have wings yet and i've been on daily hibiscus defense, it's starting to really bloom

some simple drought resistant ground cover that has cool blooms. it'll take off and bush up eventually.

A simple tiny guy thats on the side of the house. i like him. he's next to the neighbors apple that is blooming unbeknownst to the doof who is a master fallen apple cleaner upper

well, i hope you enjoyed your tour! please come back, visit our gift shop, and we readily accept clippings if they pass muster (me). I must go to the nursery and see about a sapling (red)japanese maple for the front yard next to the young birch. also have to plants some beets, radishes, carrots, arugulas, and some other veggies, so thats comin soon! stayed tuned.


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