Monday, November 05, 2007

weekend mirth and merriment

i think we did alright this weekend. kareoke was a hit, the food was plentiful and good (AND LEFTOVER!!!) and the space provided many good pockets for positive clique-ishness. Some i wanted here didn't show and others i didn't want here didn't show either so i guess it's even. whichever, theres reasons i suppose.

I was pretty wiped the next day. I didn't drink too much, i didn't smoke too much, i think i was just wiped out. Sunday was a wash, but good.

I'm done with work for my big client as of now and am working with others that keep me busy. But i wouldn't mind a nine to five with bennies.

I finally deleted about half dozen links on my right over here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

if you're scorned you were deleted, well your page is either gone or you don't write enough so let me know i have them bookmarked.

aight then, banality, over and out.


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