Thursday, November 01, 2007

weeks turning ot alright

Tuesday went out to el monte to meet up with the KAAAAAAAAAAAN to talk bidness and made it back through multitudes of traffic.

Yesterday, Halloween, normally my favorite holiday though it's been falling the last coupla years. I just don't wanna wade through the crowds in WEHO and attempt parking. We started off going to the Edward Weston exhibit at the Getty. Highly recommended by myself and the fish. We came back and got ready to greet halloween goblins for our 1st chance at giving out sugar instead of blasts from a hose. First trick or treater, had to be 16 wearing pajama bottoms, with a pink hoodie. what was that?!? from there it was on. i was gonna give the crap candy to those too old to be doing it and let them know. Then i'd wait with the pressure washer for them to mess with the house. It never came. But the lil'uns would get the majority (aka-large handfulls of candy). It tapered after about a half dozen ghouls (or princesses moreso). We walked the kids finding TONS of teenagers running about and some with huge pillow cases of candy wearing nothing but a a lakers jersey and not attempting too hard to actually look like a white laker. I know one "Nastyman" that just had to step out his door and he'd already look like Luke Walton who knows if he got any candy for the genetic effort. I digress. Not many more and no tricks played on us. Could be the copious amounts of manure on our lawn. After this oyie got home and showcased his kareoke machine for us that SCORES your performance. we started off bad but ended just as equally bad but with better scores and sore throats. thing is bad ass. People should have fun with that as it is chiefly for this weekends housewarming. Better than pin the tail on the jackass. we'll see how that rolls.


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