Tuesday, November 06, 2007

mother, mother...theres too many of you cryin'

whats goin on?

we hit up the shout out louds last night at the fonda. what i saw was kids about my age as the average mixin. I've made my way through a few fashion trends in my ventures to hollywood but i gotta say it's getting predictable.

i watch as hairstyles, makeup on men, women, piercings, tattoos, tight pants, baggy shorts, birkenstocks in gump bathrooms, beaters and skins at punk shows, obviously gay, and obviously fighting to be touggh but then hitting the gay club the next week. all kinds. i reference my past lingerings on the dancing jerkers, the free floaters, the head bob, the slam dance, the surfing and the generally lackadaisical plain standers that clap politely at the end of each song.

But never, ever, have i had so much fun poking at emo's. the pristinely tussed and messy hair that took atleast one hour to perfect. you guys and gals thrive on black nailpolish and emoticons, and texting mid song and generally living (ex-phone decoration, writing on arms, cutting arms) in your cell phone and im universe. But the clothing fashion is definitely one to behold. you are my market for shirts often and you possess plenty of disposable income especially if you off yourself. but i digress. if you know them you know of what i speak.

the point i'm trying to make is that there is a new trend. as the generation x'ers get older they're moving into more job security and the slacking is now a lifestyle that pays (at Google) but we see the emos now aging. I have begun likening male aging emo's as "Ruffalo's." yes THIS Mark Ruffalo. the qualifications are as follows:

perfectly "mussed" or "tussed" quaffs
shaggy facial hair growth
v-neck tshirt (any color, really...white, yellow, mauve;they're all rufallo-ly)
vested vintage military jacket or old school north face
swiss version earth toned military pill cap
or and especially...the tight hoodie made from super ultra thin cotton that tightly hugs (yet does not adversely re-muss the hair) and hangs down yet does not reach the waistline by atleast 3 inches.

They always have the look that mark rufallo uses as his signature. the "sulked shoulder, eyebrow up, plaintive stare that even on a good day, renders a hapless sigh from it's utterers' pouty lips. yes this is the rufallo. you will see him. you will likely know him personally. it's alright. i'm not trying to dimish him one bit. i quite enjoy his acting. even his one war film he was the plaintive near suicidal guy. he's got it cornered! LVLouise herself made a very good observation. She reminded me to not overlook the dirth of "Hawkes" in our immediate area. They are simply deeper thinking, using complex diction and esoteric vernacular. They rub their heads or simply hold their hands over their faces lost in deep thought of the girl he cheated on and wished he could get back. oh yeah, theres alot of those as well. they're the figureheads, the elders. they crossed the platforms from gen x'ers to emo's. they were the forefathers, the trailblazers for a whole generation of sad, disgruntled coffee drinkers.

heres too all you Rufallo's and Hawkes.


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