Friday, August 17, 2007

if god has warriors, who do atheists have? twinkees?

it's been a long week. partially due to the fact that it's been over a hundred in camelot and that means i'm stepping nowhere near this computer due to the auschwitz conditions in this office. i've been to the client and it turns out i'm going to get paid a nice penny to design a folder in whitespace. to those in the know, that can be either really easy or really hard. this will be easy. i am to basically *rip-off someones elses design and copy it with different colors and tweak the elements to make it somewhat better. then stopped by the first jokewood that i worked at before i found out that malachai, and judas were running the whole thing. everyone i knew was cool but i feel bad for those cool people i left behind. i think a train is going to hit them as it doesn't seem that they have any backup lined up. oh well, they know my stance and i've told them to look for work jsut to be sure.

i then went to the salmons and helped her set up her new macbook toy. thing is seriously fucking badass, and fast. just gotta get her to unplug it from the old skook extension chord. i think thats why the ac transformer gets so damn hot. other than that i just have to put the "fun" software on it and she can run amok.

i have to get comps done this weekend and maybe go back up to my sisters. she's had a couple episodes that are of concern but my mom is by her side, dog bless her. she really has shown her meddle as a good mom and has barely left her side since it happened. i think she's lining up my sisters ducks really well for her recovery and her future.

on different notes. i really gotta find a job in austin. not only that, i gots to find us a place to temporarily throw our hats...and our dogs. austin city limits has pretty much sucked up all the rentals so its a wait and see until thats over.

* there is no ripping off in design, it's steal it, tweak it, make it better if you can, change the fonts and colors and call it a day. it's already been done long before you, so don't worry about it.


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