Monday, November 19, 2007

information stupi-highway

with some of the asinine items that popped up today

if you're a developmentally challenged tree, you're a treetard

if you're atypically foul're a cuss-turd, or or or a particularly foul mouthed mentally challenged individual, then cuss-tard!

anyhow, so my dog is pretty solitary when he leaves his #2 in the backyard. not so when he walks however. Well this particular time, he did it out in plain sight under a light. The salmon made mention that it was like the movie. Bright Lights, Big Shitty. And i chimed in, WITH FECAL J. FOX. I laughed at my own joke so hard i almost drooled.

good times. on a similar dog side note, i got a squeaker out of a toy and can fit it into my mouth and got the chocolate to believe that when i squeezed the doof, i would blow the squeaker. well this just made her think the the squeaker was inside ol blondie. this was over an hour of gut busting laughter. i'm going to try to get some on video. you prolly won't find it funny unless you know a dog and it's squeaker.

good lord. oh yeah, anyone know any good yoga sites? i need positions for two.


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