Friday, November 16, 2007

holy snizzap

the salmon and i went to downtown LA today after we left at 2pm and got back at 6ish from a seemingly easy trip if it weren't for traffic. it was because of traffic that for a lawnmower thanks to some snotnosed (craigslist-i love you) senior at USC. either way the lawnmower is pretty nice for the money...(again- craigslist i love you). now if only my sweet sweet dear sweet sister would come through and hook a BLOOD brother up with an edger that I can get fixed (for a coupla bucks to her and to me for tuneup) after a coupla years of sittin and doin nothin in her garage, then my new (shaggy) lawn would be looking nice and key. so heres to lawnmowing saturday and hopefully tuesday or wednesday edging!

the rest of the jardin is doing well. thankfully and expectedly, the radishes have already germinated and are pushing their way up. 4 of the 6 butter lettuce are standing stiffly/confidently up on their own. so whatup, i gots veggies growin, go to ralphs you cheap ass sexual predator cause thats what people that shop at ralphs are called...sexual grocery predators...

sick fucks. grow your own you green ass wga screenwriters... damn hippies, except for that crack ass whore we saw today with they baby stroller with no baby in it. just get her something to wean her off that shit, her neck was RAW from scratchin that shit.

woah the walls are breathing and you stole my yahtzee dice didn't you, you motherfucker....ahhhhhh breathing meth walls....ahhhhhhhsnifflesniffsniffahhhhhhhhh


At 12:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey hit up my parents they have a edger and wacker they use once a month for my grandmas yard. you can borrow from time to time im sure


At 9:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's sitting in the garage, ready for your takin'. I don't think ma wants it in her car, but besides that, you can have it...




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