Thursday, May 10, 2007

lost snippets-don't read it if you don't wanna know

both locke and ben's mother named "emily". people can't agree if ben could hear jacob or was just faking it. or could he hear him at one point, and then lost the ability? many feel jacob is the smoke monster...and ben has been doing evil in the name of jacob and that is why jacob asks locke for help. ben is totally threatened by locke and shoots him...but wait! he shoots him where his kidney would be IF he had a kidney...did ben do this intentionally? or was it to see if jacob comes to help locke? also remember, when eko died, he said to locke: you are next...eko was killed by smokie...richard sees a "specialness" in ben as a child. who else has seen dead people? jack. eko. anyone else? both ben and locke killed their fathers to join the group...but locke really didn' that why jacob trusts locke and more than likely healed locke and NOT ben?

fuck me tho that was a good episode.


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