Sunday, May 06, 2007

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San Fernanado Valley, CA 8:00 pm

Friday we found out the millah was in town with his missus so we headed to LACMA to meet up with him. Checked some jazz and some photos and headed to Tom Bergins for some eats and cocktails. The eats sucked other than the fries. We then all griped about the band of drunk hipsterish mostly white bread 20-something latinos on the other side of the bar. They were just really drunk and loud. One, Juan, decided to walk table to table and say "Hi, i'm juan and I'm working the room." and move on. Thanks Juan. Well it just got time to take off and we walked to the car and chatted amongst ourselves when that same merry band came walking up the street. They loudly started their cars and then Juan (supposed real name Juan not redacted) did a running jump kick into somebodys prius side mirror snapping it clean off to dangle by the cables. I hate Juan, not because he's latino, but because he's a drunk jackass. Remember juan, if i see you. You don't get a warning. I'm knocking you out. And no i couldn't see the license plate as they sped away to their hopeful demise with a lightpole.

After this we went to Santa Monica Bowl and played air hockey. A bunch of 30 something men playing air hockey and being happy to do it. Just damn grand. That was pretty much it for the night. Saturday brought some housework and cleaning of my room. made a couple shirts and off to pasadena with the foggy window to watch delahoya mayweather. I gotta say Oscar held his own and faded where he was supposed to. mayweather fought a smart fight. not a flashy or impressive fight just a smart one. Back home, gnite

Sunday was early wake up to go send Millah back east with a breakfast sendoff before his flight. Omelette Parlor in Santa Monica was tasty and not yet crowded. Kan met up with oyie a i and grubbed before we dropped him off at LAX. Back home, lie in bed and then wait for the Foggy window to come over. We hit trader joes for our picnic fair and off to Descanso Gardens on a friggin lovely socali day. We toured the gardens and avoided bad fleamarket booths and little kids and made a day of it. Myself with no apparent skin irritations. Foggy window couldn't say the same but isn't bad. There were some pretty plants and lots of nice smelling ones. I dunno bout choo, but I like plucking a leaf and smelling it often. I know the ones i can and stear around the ones I can't. We picnic'd and then headed across town for naut and then home, and here i sit a bit sunburned but happy. and allll aloooooooooooone. except for the doof.


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