Monday, April 30, 2007

it was time for yin or yang whichever was the flipside.

This weekend turned out pretty damn nicely. Friday was an evening with Sayshuh and Ms. Chewels at LACMA for some wine, cheese, and more tasties while listening to jazz. We then found a party across the street with free vodka at an architecture and design LA show. Then....well the remainder of that night is redacted to protect the guilty and the children from reading it.

Saturday was onto the newly remodeled Observatory in Griffith Park. it was pretty damn easy to get in there as reservations are now needed but not at all hard to get on the net. I doubt you even need to take the bus as i saw a ton of cars up there and plenty of parking. The bus costs $8 round trip from either one of the LA Zoo lot, the Greek Theater lot, or Hollywood and Highland. Pretty cool place. Would've been even better if there wasn't so much haze. That evening was spent at a little carnival down the street spending too much money on crappy shit but it was a joy watching the juice almost come out of Chewels on the rickety, sickening rides. I won a little monkey for the Doof that, when tied to his collar, makes him thrash about trying to get it and providing laughing as hard as peanut butter stuck to the roof of his mouth. Good times.

Sunday I busted my ass cleaning out our spare room at home, and cleaning up the office and making screens and a couple shirts. I had just enough time to clean up before we headed to Palms Thai for dinner and then the MusicBox for Travis. They really seem to like playing LA and that shows in their live performance. Theres gotta be video of the whole crowd jumpingg up and down for a coupla choruses.

Thats it, i'm tired and quite sore.

oh yeah thats for you KAN


At 10:12 AM, Blogger Teo said...

wait yukos holding up the number 1, and Nates stoned off his ass!!!


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