Wednesday, May 02, 2007

sudden peaks and valleys usually cause plane crashes

So today i got up and put my line in the water to see if they would let me work from home again. Well yes they did with the prospect of actually working at home instead of going to work and reformatting my mac but today was good. Took the doof to the alumni institution to deliver a tshirt job for the art department. he got to walk, alot. he was crapped out but that was good cause he was lagging behind and when he does that his face curls up and he gets super cute. Dogs are supposed to be babe magnets and not dog magnets cause the only attention was given to him. Not that i cared but only one person (with dog in tow) stopped to meet him. I have a rule. I want to know your dogs name or I'll tell you my dogs name. My name is never involved and I won't ask you yours unless you're in my top 4 and i have #1's number. It was cool. The design and illustration in that department has gotten quite good.

We grabbed a burrito and a Glass Bottle Pepsi (GBP) from mexico and went home to work. Got everything done and actually made something pretty cool. See if you can see my nod to current pop culture. It may be obscure and no i'm not redacting my company's name. You can hack whatever you want BUT my computer.

From there it was rotating from designing shirts and making tweaks to crap from work. I gotta say good day. I have 4 shirts going onto screens today and hopefully screening them tonight. So the flip side of yesterday was all good news, so i won't try to deviate from this path but that might change tomorrow when i try to make it from west la to pomona for autolux.


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