Wednesday, May 09, 2007

another question posed to my 3 readers

Do I:

a) quit my job outright with no notice and go out with dignity and a few middle fingers and only take my vacation time (about 4 weeks) and my 401k

b) give my 2 weeks notice, hope they say no we'll sever the relationship now and pay you those two weeks (by law) and also take the above

c) wait for my inevitable termination, take the vacation time, 401k, 6 weeks severance and threaten a lawsuit unless they call it layoff in hopes of unemployment, and a few middle fingers.

Dunno, i'm almost ready to walk so we'll see how much keystroke software my company has that can read a mac and what i'm typing now so they can review it.

pssssssht what do i care? my gigantic smile today will serve as my birdflipping from here on out.


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