Sunday, May 13, 2007


it's mothers day. i got every friggin thing done i needed to yesterday...before 11am. then ms. stomach gurgle and i had lunch at an argentinian restaurant that gave her the gurgles and went home. Bought a bunch of stuff for wedding, mothers day, n whatnot. She went to her moms today which is furthur away than i want to go and i hit ma's and grabbed her schwinn breeze which is in pretty fucking good condition...yes it needed that qualifier. I spent about 3.5 hours removing rust and i gotta say... it looks pretty effing good. no more rust. now i just need the tires and tubes and that that one is good. ms gurgles has the same one in green and i need parts. i've been scouring ebay and might have found one that is a 3-speed and not that munched and it even cheaper than the $120 rim i ordered from my local bike shop. hopefully they get back to me and i can buy it and put off the exorbitant purchase. either way i like working on these bikes. they're old and difficult.......but i love them. woooooooooo

seriously tho, it's fucking fun. weird gearing so it's not typical but i'm learning. i'm the kinda person to take things apart just for the hell of it and put it back to gether so it was nice to find something that was in good shape on my moms before completely fucking with ms. gurlges' cause hers in a bit worse shape but fixable.

ma got a new bbq set and spice rub cause thats what she likes to do. she's much easier to shop for, for moms day cause it's summer coming and her bday is not. she liked it i hope cause she's the man that way. more power, more love. i was gonna get really stoned and see arachnidman 3 but that didn't happen. i think i'm just gonna relish in my clean house and bikes and fold laundry and then get drunk,watch sopranos, and entourage then go to sleep without a care when i get in to work.

this week starts the week after the week i thought i was gonna get fired so now, i go into office space mode


At 1:58 PM, Blogger Centaur said...

I always found some spare parts after I put something back together.

At 4:58 PM, Anonymous sayshuh said...

sounds like someone's got a case of the mondays! i was driving back from the OC and saw an Oakwood truck broken down on the side of the freeway. i thought how fitting that was. its all good, b/c places like marriot and double tree are gonna, if they haven't already, taken over the top spot in the 'Corporate Housing' industry. a fish stinks from the head and there seems to actually be a need for some micro managing, which in some cases, especially this one may reveal major flaws that have been keeping oaktree from overtaking its competitors...anyhow...good stuff, all good stuff...


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