Friday, May 18, 2007


so if you refer back to my may 9th post, i chose option a). and quit my job. lemme break it down.

I called in sick yesterday to work on my portfolio and got quite a bit done. dropped off my resume this morning at a spot and have it ready to send to another couple design temp agencies. I get into work and on top of the 5 jobs i knew i had to get done were 10 more that were due by close of biz or early the next day. I was already beatup and the day hadn't even started. i kicked around how i was feeling, worked on some personal shit and copied my files. there was a chili cookoff at work so just prior to going to that, i asked a friend in the office how much vacation i had which was plenty and then called my girl and just double checked with her after letting her know my sitch. She agreed to go ahead and do it. i was sacrificing a possible 6 week severance but it wasn't worth it anymore. i went and had a nice lunch of mostly bad chili and then went back to work and typed up my resignation letter. i wrote up a couple emails. one with my notice and one to friends i still had left. they went into my drafts folder and a temp coworker came up to me and started letting me know work had to get done and fast. i told her to hold on. Dropped the letter on my pussy of a boss' desk walked back to my desk, hit send send, and then said to her. i just resigned, what do you have to talk about? she asked if i was going to work on the jobs. i said that considering i was going to be escorted out of the building in about 10 minutes prolly not and went to get a small box to load up my remaining stuff as my cube was clean a week before. I got a phone call from HR asking me to come over and talk. i knew this was them saying you no longer need notice we'll pay you for the rest of the week but you're done. So i closed all the programs on the computer which triggers it to kill off all history then lock down. The good thing is, i came from the IT dept so i know their protocol. I also know i was the only one in the building that had any kind of working knowledge of macs so they were fucked and it was locked.

they allowed me to walk around unescorted until my final paycheck was cut and i said goodbye to the good people and walked over to say fuck you to the bad ones but the pussy was hiding prolly cause he knew i wanted to physically hurt him (OFF company property). Bad thing is i didn't even get to give him the finger like i wanted. i went home and ms everything met me. we had some cocktails then went shopping for shoes for a wedding this weekend and had dinner at UWINK. pretty fucking cool spot.

Prior to shopping, i got a call from my old IT boss asking if I would do him one friendly favor and give him the password to the computer. I let him know I loved him and respected him but that he could walk over and tell them to kiss my big fat pink ass. that was about it. After all the shit they put me through and drug my name through the mud, there ain't a chance in hell they're gettin the password. Well first even if they got the password, its just the login password. But since they don't have that all the software is there sitting in the open and they can try to reload or wipe the OS but hey! that requires another password, which is completely different. i did however leave the external harddrive completely unprotected as that has work from before me and quite a bit from me butnothing from the last 3 months or so. thats all nicely locked up. So slander me that hard and you get bit. there is a perfectly good, working, gorgeous mac G5 that is about as good as a paperweight. PUCKER UP BUTTERCUP!!! and FUCK OFF JOKEWOOD WHIRLEDWIDE!!!

shit now i gotta find a job. well not today, and not tomorrow. that is for mental healing and relaxation. how bout monday. my book is updated.


At 7:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know what I want to get you for your birthday. I do not know if you want it... or will be able to use it. I want to keep it a secret, but I have to ask if you want it/ can use it before I arrange it! Damn what do I do? Should I just hint at it?

At 3:44 PM, Blogger Centaur said...

now u have time to come down more often!!!

At 12:26 PM, Anonymous sayshuh said...

birthday? when is that? and you're gonna land on your feet all the time b/c you are always upright...


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