Monday, January 19, 2009


So I've taken the natural progression of social websites and each one has gotten better. Facebook was a good 1.0 version but now it just seems to be a gathering sight for asians in the south pacific. Myspace got a bit better and I can actually even remember my password for that but Sayshuh is solely responsible for that. I then moved onto facebook and honestly i'm a bit overwhelmed with the amount of High School Reunion it's turned out to be.

I'm extremly happy to find some people. Some have come out and are as gay as I thought them to be when i knew them back when. I'm happy for them. I'm not for anyone hiding in a closet. In fact I'm more inclined to pity you if you're still not true to yourself. I love me the gays. They're some of my dearest friends. Other people I'm not so glad to find. I'm happy to see the douchebaggery that I knew in high school turned out just as they should have. The skanks and dicks ended up fat, leathery, or in shitty jobs or living off their parents. Alot of the kids I knew or acquainted myself with seemed to have turned out pretty well. They've moved off to far off places or have successful jobs. But others, they seems to be there too, but they changed. I mean changed. They either turned into swans with too much makeup or have already had work done on top of the work done when they were in HS. Or they turned into Jabba the Hutt. I know it's the natural progression, you get married, you get sedentary, you have kids, you get fat. it's the american way right? but dang, i had to step back and wonder. what do people think of me? i know it's narcissitic but i like to think i turned out okay. it's just weird to have the facebook barometer.

oh yeah and what up with the annoying person that was super annoying in hs and turned out to post a million annoying fun wall posts that I delete and STILL attempts to add me every 10 days. I deny her over and over and over but shes persistent. i don't get it, leave me alone! i digress, this was just a rant.


At 3:36 PM, Blogger Centaur said...

you turned out aight^^

At 11:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

totally agree. great rant! greant!!


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