Thursday, December 11, 2008

Best deal of the decade

This is in my mind the best deal we have ever gotten on something this decade. Arguably my short life. Yes I know it came at the expense of Macys and one had to act quickly as it was indeed a typo and they pulled the ad. But we tried to purchase as many of these as possible. We got two, one for us and one for my dear friend (name redacted for surprise-ish factor). But this is the top of the line and it's ours. The pearl grey one. She's beautiful, and leggy. We named her LaTimes (Lah-Teem-ehs) for the newspaper that we found her in. Thank you LA Times and thank you designer of macys ads. I hope you did not lose your job but you made us very, very happy. The salmon tells the story better as she lived it, but we both have coveted this appliance for quite a while and were going to jointly gift a lesser version to ourselves for the holidays but alas I think our gift giving would be complete just at this but we'll see.

alas, the magic of Macys


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