Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm having a hard time but it's okay

I watched the debates tonight and contrary to many I've already read, Obama did a good job. I want to say that he was not a good debater intially, but stood his ground. I still think that McCains experience in the Senate served him well, he's been in politics a long time, but he's stil an old senile man/ I wanted to say that youth serves well, but Bea Arthur was a character in star wars and she looks hot, so alot of misconceptions aside. I was still yelling at the tv and my republican friends can laugh but mccain still looked like a senile reganite (as he mentioned quite a few times; i mean c'mon, if you mention regan that many times, you're old, really old...right?)

still i think obama didn't do as good of a job as i think he could've, mccain gave him tons of ammo and i like to think he took the high road but dunno, we went in with really high expectations and i don't think he showed up. i'm just hoping the biden/palin debate goes better, or worse depending on who is officiating it.

seriously, check the bea arthur link. she looks good! better than the golden girl that she is.


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