Monday, June 04, 2007

woof, i gotta write more

starting from last week, ice cream cone lady and i picked up a couple kites at the hobby shop and went to the park and flew them. It was a ton of fun if you disregard me getting stung by bees on both feet and spending the rest of the weekend with even furthur mutated feet. theres a kite flying society (read-a few guys) that fly a ton of badass kites at once. i made it to friday but as the day wore on my feet got more and more uncomfortable and swollen. It felt like i had a terrible case of athletes foot. I'm not allergic to bee stings but something was amiss. I babysat the nephew so the brother and sis in law could drive up north and look for houses overnight and we had a good time. i took over a couple of lightsabers and we played with those, walked the neighborhood, and made castles out of couch cushions. we played until almost 2 hours past his bedtime as i was given the okay to do so and he wanted to watch pee wees big adventure but we couldn't find it so we watched about an episode and a half of bewitched. This is one of the series my brother has on dvd. funny thing was i remembered quite a bit of it. i told him he had to go to bed and he told me i had to catch him as he just rolled over on the couch. hard catch. put him to bed and he crashed out. indulged on a shower with decent water pressure there and made breakfast early after my 530 (his 6am) saturday wake up. we walked around some more and i read the paper while he watered the backyard. i tell ya that kid won't let anything go unwatered or unvacuumed.

took off from there when his grandma picked him up and met up with icc lady and we hit up long beach for the dive show, that sucked, then to master deans for lunch, then to Andrea and Kyriakos' place to visit. Then home to relax. My feet were huge and red and i needed to go home. Sunday, we went to the Los Feliz Street Fair hung for a little bit and came home. I tell ya tho, use LA's subway, it's clean it's empty it's quick, it's easy, and for the most part it's free even though we paid to support it. Today i lounged a bit after going in to leave a second blood sample as my postassium is high. dunno what that means, but came home to fix computers and back up my 75 gigs of music on my pod and watched the fountain. i gotta say, i liked it, but maybe that was the pot thinking.

My tomatoes are growing quickly and they taste like tomato heaven, just thought i'd note cause they're coming fast and furious now. aight more in hopefully less than a week.


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