Thursday, November 09, 2006

hell now i have to ketchup

So alot has happened. The democrats are back, albeit with no real agenda or plan. But atleast now we can put on record how ethically wrong George Dubya is. Oh and rummy is gone. I swear i think a bunch of tall munchkins in west hollywood are dancing and prancing around singing ding dong, the don-alds dead. well not dead but he can distance himself from this travesty of an administration.

K-fed and Britney broke up. I caught some entertainment tonight last night and saw some "Exclusive Video" of federleezy checking his 2 way in a restaurant while he was getting the news of his divorce. I wonder what the next thing he said was? "I'll have the water with lemon, please. No thats it for me." I'll bet he didn't even return the text in fear of running up the bill. Seriously, the guy is done. I hope just by his persona alone he never works again. He's so gangsta. And what the fuck is Mary Hart still doing on that show. She's definitely not as hot as she once was said to be. I think Leeza got out at the right time.

Ummmmmmmmm, what else? Dunno. thats the happy news as of right now. I'll get back to you when darth vader comes back and quashes the rebellion.

this makes me even happier, until the dems fuck it up

Allen concedes, giving Senate control to Dems -


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