Monday, September 18, 2006

i was all over, what about you?

Lesse, friday miss dirty car and i went to a vegetarian restaurant in the valley and found it was an all out market. It'll be on losanjealous at some point in the next week for a review. it was good.

Saturday mulled about most of the day and left early with miss dirty car to go hit up lovely house in the hills to pick up the brit to go to the banksy show. We hit up Mexico City on Hillhurst for some cocktails and munchables before we headed over for the Shepard Fairey show that I didn't really think was that impressive. There were all sorts of somewhat celebrities and tons of art that looked exactly like each other. Makes me wonder if Shepard did it or one of his minions did it for him. Then onto another Thacker recommended show that, well, I won't recommend. Got home from all that reasonably early, and I'll have a review of all three for losanjealous as well.

Sunday Hye got to go walk with his girlfriend and his crotchety (but sweet) older cousin Buffalo. It was a lovely walk through a lovely neighborhood with extremely lovely people both 2 legged and 4. Headed home and washed Miss Dirty Cars filthy mode of transportation. This thing had a number done on it and is so shinybright that they have reclassified it as a dwarf planet. Sorry pluto. We went shopping for a TON of groceries to feed us for a week or so. No meat, go us! But plenty of meat subs and veggies, and healthy as hell stuff. A little dinner at Marias and that concluded a damn fine weekend.

Hmph not a very meaty post either. I just don't want to blow the wad on things I'm saving all my ultra psuedo creativity for the more semi official posts on other sites.

Over my years of learning new and contemporary art forms I find myself enjoying the subversive nature. I dabbled in tagging as a kid and piecing in my book but never got all out into it. But hell yeah it's an art, unfortunately, like mainstream art theres just a ton of bad ones out there. Lots and lots of good ones though. the funny thing was about going to the banksy and obey shows were that you could see all the graffists, they had the fashionable hoodies on. The good ones didn't tho. Ones wearing hoodies are toy fashionistas, unless that dude is rollin out and piecing something right after.


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