Monday, April 16, 2007

tha weekend

Saturday was slow, but ms two-toed sloth and I grabbed the kids and headed over to a spot that we saw on Huell Howser (trust me, it was a long drawn out affair of me reading every single bit of the site in Huells voice...i don't a damn good huell.) Ferndell is a little spot built in the teens of the 20th century and appears to be a natural spring with foliage that mimics a Pacific Northwestern forest with Trails at the end of the whole thing. It was damn cool. Trails was pretty anticlimatic with the 3 superhipsters working there that were nice but showed that they had been working nonstop for more than a few hours causing them to produce food that was pretty lackluster looking. I stuck with a pretty middle of the road root beer float. The really cool thing about this trip was that the kids got to run through all the water as nasty and stank as can be. Our daughter is a brunette so she didn't show the mud that much but our son is a blonde and he had no problem flaunting how disgustingly black his fur had become. Sorry the pics are limited and lackluster, but hey it's what i got provided by the sayshuh

They both got baths then we decided to try out a dish that we saw on pbs making the whole day pbs themed...infinitely more.

The show site is here at Frontera Kitchens, but the recipe i used was on Rick Bayless' site. The recipe i used is here I gotta say it was pretty dammned good with the mere exception that when you cut up habanero's they pretty much stick with you and if you rub your eyes, you're fucked. So just for you guys, i'm providing my source from wiki as to how to get it off of your skin and out from under your nails.

Remedies for pain caused by eating chiles

Capsaicin, the chemical responsible for the "hot" taste of chili peppers, is a type of chemical called an alkaloid. It will dissolve in acid, fat, or alcohol.

The effects of consuming a chili sauce deemed 'too hot' can be remedied by eating rice or drinking such things as milk or yogurt (dairy products, despite being alkaline in nature, contain a protein (casein) which binds with the capsaicin alkaloid, neutralizing it. Dairy products also contain fats that dissolve capsaicin). Some people report relief with tomato juice or by eating a fresh lemon or lime (all acids). Granulated sugar can also provide some relief. Serving yoghurt with meals, as in Indian cuisine, may also help.

Contrary to many people's initial reactions, drinking water (or soda, beer, or most other typically available beverages) does not relieve the pain, as capsaicin, being an oil, is not soluble in water, and will continue to stick to tissue and nerves if rinsed with water. While the immediate effect of drinking water may be a temporary relief of the burning pain from the coolness of the liquid, water flow can help the capsaicin travel in the tissues mouth and throat, causing more pain once the liquid is swallowed.

When washing one's hands of lingering chile sauce before using the bathroom or scratching one's eye, the use of an acidic astringent, such as lemon or lime juice, is necessary to ensure total elimination of capsaicin from the skin. This is important, because in addition to affecting the mouth and lips, capsaicin is highly irritating to mucous membranes or other sensitive areas such as the eyes, nose and genital region. Soap is alkaline, and its use does not guarantee rinsing away all of the capsaicin.

It wasn't crazy hot but had plenty of spice and was tasty as hell as i said. now with that we're drawing to a close today. Sunday was spent sitting on our arses doing not a GODDAMMNED THING other than the sloth forcing me, by tying me up and forcing toothpicks into my eyes to watch snakes on a plane. GOOD GOD, DON'T WATCH IT. JUST DON'T. IT'S UP THERE WITH KEVIN COSTNERS "THE POSTMAN" AS WORST MOVIE EVER. The sloth offered to release me within the first 30 minutes after conceding i was right that this movie should never have been or should be watched in the future.

Now i leave you with some random images i found whilst googling


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good really, if the chile is hot, whaddya do then?


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