Friday, April 20, 2007

Not a gabee, a GAY BEE!!!

Last night was F & R's launch in Beverly Hills 90210. We got to see what Dron's been working on for the last few months and good for him to get into a Rodeo Drive boutique. It was pretty cool, all his stuff was placed at the front of the shop and there was a red rope area in front where everyone could hang. Still and Video cameras floatingg around and some free booze abound along with alot of seafood that sat out for a long time. We mostly kicked it outside with Ms Shagatha, Ldybugg, and oyie mixing with the occasional random person, including the hostess from the restaurant across the way, the waitress that picks up the glasses that wanted nothing to do with having a relationship with oyie, jon (i'm starting to tan like george hamilton) lovitz, jose eber (whose funky hat covers his bald head), and stacey kiebler (how the hell was she a pro wrestler? and dancing with the stars). Along with a few 2-dimensional looking model types, and some annoying magazine writers all searching for their next posed myspace pic.

I was a bit too put off with asking jose eber for a photo, as he kinda weirded me out. Why is it that all male hair product makers/users are balding?

After my 3rd really strong cocktail and zero food for the day (i'm trying to fit into my new Jordache jeans so that I too can look like i have an eating disorder), I spotted Jon Lovitz again after he left to what I assume was to blow massive rails of cocaine into his nose. He flatly denied my drunken request to get a snapshot even after I let him know he would be lambasted on my ever-so-famous blog. I did however get a shot of Jay Sherman, thank god.

Furthur, in my stupor, i badgered oyie to take a picture of me in a dancing with the stars pose with stacey kiebler, who honestly, even though its staged and all, I dunno how this girl was a WWE wrestler. She's tiny, super long legs, but not THAT much to look at. Could just be that she's blonde, or my girlfriend was standing there and would've put an olive toothpick in my eye but either way, she wouldn't bust a move for the camera. Atleast she got in front of it.

So that was about it, other than my incessant proddings of the waitress chick to hook up with my heterosexual lifepartner, and my search of anything edible ending in a nasty ass mcdonalds run.


At 2:57 PM, Anonymous sayshuh said... missed out. looked like a parade of the creme-de-la-creme of los angeles fashionista empire-makers...


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